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About Luckyspin

Lucky Spin Features

It is the best way to measure your customer experience with our Lucky Spin Wheel.You can view various analytical data like Wheel displayed to users, number of emails collected, number of rejections etc.

You can easily view the analytics according to your selected templates.

With Lucky Spin Wheel you can either create a new template or edit an existing template if you already created one.You can create multiple templates with different styles and can save it for future use.

For Creating New template it’s an easy job where you just need to provide Template Name, Select the Style you like.

With our Lucky Spin Wheel, you will get 8 different styles to display your popup and email optin field in your website. You can choose any style preferred by you. Moreover, you can also add your logo, Icon, background color/image and can also set text for the users.

Segments which means the slices which users can see on the wheel. You can create as much as Segments by providing the Name, Segment Color, the Win Result text, Coupon Code and Gravity.

If you want to show the Lucky Spin Wheel on Website opening in Desktop then you can select that or If you want the users to see Lucky Spin Wheel in Mobile/Tablet then you can select that too. You can also set the time and also select a particular Icon that will wiggle in the left side.

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